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Brand Spotlight: How Anker became America's Leading Charging Brand through Amazon

In its quest to be all things to all people, Amazon has built an unbelievable catalog of more than 12 million products. For small sellers and aspiring brands it will seem impossible to compete with millions of products in the platform. But that is not always the case.

One particular brand has beat the odds and scaled despite the competitors and challenges it has gone through selling in the platform. Dubbed as "America's leading USB charging brand" - Anker has been the best-selling portable battery charger in the US with Amazon accounting for majority of its sales for the past three years and running. An article from Marketplace Pulse reports that Anker sold 46 million units and had $954 million in revenues in 2019. In the first half of 2020, sales were up 24.5%, and thus the company is on target for the first $1 billion sales year. Since then the Amazon-Native brand expanded its product lines to smart home appliances, portable speakers and headphones, portable video projectors, and car accessories.

So how did a small player like Anker establish such a strong hold in the US through Amazon at only 10 years old? Anker's Steven Yang has always challenged the status quo by giving more brand value through additional product features at a price point lower than others. Apart from that, Anker knows how to listen to their customers and addresses pain points of current leading brands that consumers always had a bad experience with. Anker has also developed a technology to collect data about customer reviews and price changes on to apply feedback to its future products. This is how client-centric the brand is and it has fueled its growth and success.

There are many things that an aspiring brand can learn from Anker. It is a living proof that a small brand, by leveraging platforms such as Amazon who shares the same value in customer obsession as them, can make it. It's never too late to start, especially here in the Middle East where e-commerce is just starting to blossom with countries like UAE forecasting a stronger startup community in 2021 both in terms of deals and funding. If you are not sure how to start building your brand or selling like a pro, feel free to check out our other article.

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